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Mexicas - A Story Behind the Masks

Aug 07 2015

Xochimilco lies 28 km south of Mexico City. Its network of canals and artificial islands are the efforts of the Aztec people built on a habitat in the midst of an unfavorable environment. It is said these islands had very high crop yields with up to 7 crops a year. The artificial and floating island called chinampas’ transportation is the colorful non-motorized wooden boats- “trajineras”, which sails through the 170 km. canals. Trees such as“āhuexōtl" or "āhuēhuētl" is an important part of the ecosystem, planted at the corners to secure the chinampa and act as wind breakers. The ecological reserve Xochimilco was added to World Heritage Site in 1987, but the area is facing severe problems, posed by development pressures, changes to land-use, abandonment and contamination.


Mameli's Mask in Mamoiada

Oct 19 2014

Mamoiada is situated in the centre of Sardinia, the second biggest island of Italy. Sardinia’s Mamuthones is an ancient carnival which can dates back to 2,000 years ago. During the carnival, people wear black mask to scare devils away, and wear white mask to embrace the incoming spring. Next time when you visit Sardinia, besides the delicious cuisine and the fascinating Mediterranean, why don't you stop by Mr. Ruggero Mameli's workshop?  He's been working on these traditional masks for more than 30 years, his collections will absolutely amaze you.


Carey Island

Jun 05 2012

Carey Island, located 3hours of drive away at the southwest of Kuala Lumpur, is home to  the native Mah Meri tribes, who are known for their magnificent wooden craft and masks. The Mah Meri model the masks after the ancestral spirits,who they believe can ward off evil spirits and solve problems.  Samri Abdul Rahman, a renowned artist of traditional Mah Meri tribe wooden mask-making, shares with the world the mystic cultural significance of the Mah Meri woodenmasks. Through a demonstration of mask-designing and carving, Samri also shows how he blends in imagination and tradition believes into his profession.