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Southeast Alaska Indian Culture and Wood Carvings

Jul 04 2016

Southeast Alaska, beginning in Ketchikan, Metlakatla, Sitka, Juneau and others, is the traditional homeland of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian and is rich in Indian culture, wood carving and totem. Wood carving, as an art form, reflects all the Native cultures connecting with the environment. The wood materials used come from the forest and the forms usually represent animals, spirits or places.


Heartbeat of The Forest

Jun 24 2014

A girl interprets her vision and hearing about the village where she comes from, the Wa tribe in China, and the imagery of the village and movements of villagers are like a documentary vividly presented within her mind. The Wa tribe is undergoing the cultural transformation, and Wa wood drum becomes the crucial cultural element for them to reclaim and preserve what they have missed from the ancestors.


The Menominee Cultural Museum

Nov 27 2014

The Menominee Cultural Museum in Keshena was opened in Nov. 2011. Artifacts of the tribe from the past and present are in display. It took the organizers nearly 20 years to put it together and establish the museum, and they are working to educate the general public about the culture of the tribe.


Seri - People Live by the Desert and Sea

Oct 15 2014

(*Correction: At 30:27, the name of the International NGO in this video is Ocean Revolution.)   A glimpse of Seri’s tribal life and culture in Sonora Desert. This fishing village with brilliant desert ironwood carving technique is unique and can only be found in Sonora desert as a symbolic memory of their daily lives and ancient stories. Nevertheless, with the population number less than 500 and the poor financial condition, Seri people is facing the crisis of preserving their original traditions and language.