• The 8th Wood Summit

    01 Feb 2021

    The 8th Wood Summit will be held ONLINE every Saturday in February 2021, under the theme of "What Mokuiku (Wood Education) can do for a sustainable society". This event is organized by Tokyo Toy Museum and supported by a number of associations including International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) and Japan Wood Culture Society (JWCS).

    The VIII International Festival of Wooden Sculpture “Lukomorye” 2018 is an international event for those interested in woodcarving, art and nature. 30 teams of artists from 16 countries will participate in this event, and the beauty of art and wood will be brought to the audience. Everyone is welcome to visit the “Park of Wooden Sculpture of Lukomorye”.


    Date: 10th - 29th May

    Venue: Park of Wooden Sculpture of Lukomorye (4, Klubnaya Street, village of Savvateevka, Angarsk district, Irkutsk region, Russia)

    2018 World Wood Day

    20 Mar 2018









    World Wood Day is a cultural event celebrated annually on March 21st to highlight wood as an eco-friendly and renewable biomaterial and to raise awareness on the key role wood plays in a sustainable world. Starting from 2013, WWD celebrations were held in Tanzania, China, Nepal and  USA respectively, involving participants from over 100 countries and regions.

    The main celebration of 2018 World Wood Day (WWD) will take place at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. The event will be celebrated from March 20th to March 25th, and it comprises the Symposium, Woodcrafts, Folk Art Workshops, Music Festival, Wood Design Projects, Children's Event, and Tree Planting.

    The 6th annual WWD themed "Life" will be demonstrating roles and importance of wood and non-timber forest products in supporting our daily living and connecting representatives of wood-related professionals from all around the world.


    The 2018 WWD will be a special occasion for everyone to gain insights into wood and non-timber forest products, and the key to achieving a better and greener future.

    For further information, please refer to the link below:

    2018 World Wood Day website

    Bentley Woodfair

    15 Sep 2017
    United Kingdom
















    Bentley Woodfair is a celebration of woodlands, forestry, timber, trees woodcrafts and wood related activities. The whole site holds two fields of stands, exhibits, displays and an amazing woodland full of demonstrations and activities. Bentley Woodfair started in 1996 and continues to support local rural businesses and crafts while educating and entertaining families. Bentley Woodfair is a great event for all the family and perfect for those who love wood and woodlands. 


    Date: 15th -17th September

    Venue: Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum

                  Harveys Lane, Halland, BN8 5AF

    Oak Fair

    26 Aug 2017
    United Kingdom











    The Oak Fair is a special event for those interested in woodcraft, timber, conservation and the countryside. Over 200 exhibitors will participate in the event, and a variety of fun activities will be brought to the audience. Everyone is welcome to stop by the Stock Gaylard Estate.

    Date: 26th - 27th August (10:00-17:00)

    Venue: Stock Gaylard Estate (Stock Gaylard, Sturminster Newton DT10 2BG)


    Festival of Wood

    05 Aug 2017
    United States

    Festival of Wood is 2-day event hosted and coordinated by the USDA Forest Service at Grey Towers in Pennsylvania. The event is specially designed for audience to learn more about woodworking, the beauty of handmade crafts and the importance of wood and forests. There will be onsite demonstration, live music, films, children’s activities, educational exhibitions and more activities for free entry. Everyone is welcome to join the fun event at the historic Grey Towers.

    Date: 5th August (10:00-17:00)
               6th August (10:00-16:00)
    Venue: Grey Towers National Historic Site Milford, PA

    The 38th Exhibition of Traditional Technology in Arakawa will be held with free entry in Arakawa Sougou Sports Center at 10AM to 5PM from July 7th to July 9th, 2017. Please come and visit the traditional handicrafts made in Arakawa and learn the amazing technologies that have been well preserved by the craftsmen who have moved to live in Arakawa District from the Edo Period to the present. The onsite demonstrations include the writing of Edo Fonts (Yose Moji), the experience-sharing of the Joinery (Sashimono), the making of Ukiyoe, and more for your discovery.


    Event Date: July 7th - July 9th, 2017.

    Event Time: 10AM to 5PM

    Venue: Arakawa Sougou Sports Center


    The annual National Joinery Exhibition in 2017 will be held by the Japan Federation of Joinery Industry Associations (Zenkoku Tategu Kumiai Rengoukai) in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Exhibitors including members and industries will show the latest technologies and top-quality, finely designed wooden fittings. Everyone is welcome to discover the beauty and the delicate works of the traditional and modern Japanese wooden fitting design.


    For more information, please refer to the official website of The 51th National Joinery Exhibition


    Date: June 17th (SAT) 10AM-18PM and 18th (SUN) 9AM-16PM

    Venue: Ishikawa Prefecture Exhibition Hall No. 4

    Opening Ceremony: June 17th (SAT) 10AM-10:30AM

    Awarding Ceremony: June 18th (SUN) 14PM-15PM